05 May 2016

Umbral — May 2016

In contrast to previous iterations of Umbral (read here from January 2015 and here from June 2015), the current scene is minimal but no less beautiful. The region is provided by Coqueta Veeper (Coqueta Georgia) and vlady Veeper as a resource for photographers, and it's possible to rez extensively here for shoots, with more than 1,000 prims available and no auto-return. Even then, photographers might prefer to work with the picturesque scenery and decor already available.

The region is also worth a visit for the casual traveler, providing both panoramic views and spots to relax. It's also, as seen in these images, a place in which one can successfully experiment with a wide variety of environmental settings. Umbral is an adult sim, and the large building in the southwest corner is home to a extensive assortment of D/s devices and toys; travelers are welcome to enter and enjoy the space, or conversely completely steer clear, as they prefer. Contributions in support of Umbral may be made near the landing point.

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