25 May 2016


Rosemoor, created by Arol Lightfoot and Krys Vita (the first collaboration between these two well-known sim designers), offers visitors a delightful variety of scenes all tucked into a pastoral island setting. Its sandy shores are home to tall sea grasses and various beach houses (as in the image above, all open and furnished), while further inland are fields of wildflowers and great rocky outcroppings that extend their shadows over the land.

A tiny island on the southeastern corner of the Rosemoor is home to an amusing collection of D-Lab characters (image above) who are very busy interacting among one another, moving this way and that, and this space alone is worth a visit. To the far northwest another curious scene awaits, that of a run down circus, its animals still wandering here and there through the elegant decay (image below).

Couples will find romantic spots in various locations. Rosemoor is open for only a limited time — Arol says she and Krys haven't decided when it will close to the public, but explorers probably shouldn't delay in visiting. Contributions in support of the sim may be left at the landing point.

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