12 May 2016

Running and other memories

Now open, and open for only about a week, is Running and other memories, an installation by Rose Borchovski at LEA7. Art enthusiasts who have been in Second Life for several years will remember the artist's "Susas" — curiously asexual children whose odd narrative stories were the subject of installations at Two Fish (read here and here), Rose's sim, which for now continues to show The Inevitability of Fate (read here).

The installation is not substantial, but it is delightful to see these little creatures again. Visitors should be sure to click here and there, as various poses are hidden within the sculptures, and should also ascend the ray of light that shines down from the eyeball.

"The running and jumping Susas I made a year ago for a real life project," Rose explained to me, "but I never showed them in Second Life. The rest are parts of The Arrival [read here], which I made for LEA. I actually have this sim for a real life project, but I thought it would be nice to show for a short while these Susas again." The real life project, which will be fully realized in October, involves several other Second Life artists — stay tuned for more on that as fall approaches.