28 May 2016

Farewell, Frisland

After two years as one of Second Life's most popular and photographed sims, Frisland, which opened in spring 2014, will close on June 4. Created and hosted by Charlie Namiboo, Frislanda Ferraris and Anabell Barzane, the sim has undergone a series of seasonal changes and currently presents a dreamy but summery climate. (Read here, here, and here for some earlier blog posts.)

Frisland almost closed its doors in spring 2015 (read here), but the team managed to keep it open for an additional year. Although Frisland may be disappearing, it doesn't mean that more things might not follow in its stead. As Anna, Fris and Charlie hint in Frisland's farewell message, "As they say, when one door closes, another one opens … who knows what fabulous adventure will be coming next!" Thanks to the trio for having shared their beautiful location with the community.

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