03 May 2016

Flashes of Life

Now open at The Eye gallery, curated by Mona (Monabyte) is Flashes of Life, an exhibition of various works by artist Giovanna Cerise. Each reflects Giovanna's remarkable melding of art and mathematics, displaying fascinating patterns that shift and change depending on one's perspective and vantage point.

Several smaller creations are displayed in the courtyard situated in front of the gallery (along with the more sizeable Sirene, image below), while five larger works — La dormiente (top image), Confusion, Bet (detail above), Lost identity, and Disorientation — are housed within distinct spaces in the gallery (two upstairs), and each of these should be physically entered for the full experience: for the most part observers will find themselves in immersive environments that block out views of the rest of the gallery, allowing complete focus on the work at hand. (Be sure to collide with the playing cards in Bet.) Each of the artworks is available for purchase; contributions in support of The Eye gallery may be left near the entrance.

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