13 May 2016

Mistero Hifeng at The Living Room

Now open at The Living Room is an exhibition of works by Mistero Hifeng, whose distinctive art pieces are immediately recognizable through their unique style and composition. The works on display — usually human figures whose forms are stretched or dramatically shattered — are numerous, covering several floors of the gallery space.

Given the spatial limitations, artworks sometimes collide in one's light of sight, but Mistero has done an admirable (and often playful) job of arranging the various sculptures, incorporating the gallery's architecture and furnishings in his layout. The Living Room is curated by Daallee, Owl (Owl Dragonash) and Nora Elfm, with space contributed by Hippie Bowman, who owns the sim (Lagrange Point Spaceport) on which the gallery resides; contributions may be left at the landing point. The exhibition will continue until May 31, and several related music events will take place before then — see Owl's blog, Through Owl's eyes…, for details.


  1. Thank you Ziki ! So glad you could come by we are thrilled to have Mistero exhibiting his work is amazing everywhere I have seen it.