11 May 2016

The Outer Garden

Visitors to The Outer Garden, a delightful "white fantasy world" created by bisou Dexler, will discover not one but three major areas to explore, each situated at a different altitude. One arrives at The White Garden, an ethereal, dreamy forest bathed in gentle light (first two images). Here, peering through the trunks of the trees and under the canopy of leaves, one can find many little scenes that include spots for couples or solitary meditation.

A pair of teleports at the landing point offer opportunities for further exploration. The Black Room, situated high overhead, isn't at first black at all: we arrive at the far end of a long double row of stately trees, their pale mauve trunks and leaves (many swirling about) all bathed in white. Visitors stand on transparent ground, through which can been seen reflections of the great trees (image below).

One can either walk down the row of trees or hop a ride on the little iron carriage (this, too, has poses) that traverses the area, but eventually reaches the end of the trees. Continue moving past the logical end of the scene — walk into the whiteness — and here can be found the brilliant black room (image below). In a triptych of windows, a giant carp-like fish has broken through the glass, which flies out and lies shattered on the floor; in the center window, at a distance, stands another tree, its pastel leaves shimmering against the black sky and iridescent water below.

The third level, simply called Ground (which is indeed its location), is a watery area with some quirky, humorous touches (lowest two images). Here and there are things to see: a lighthouse, abandoned telephone poles, an archway to nowhere, flower wind turbines, and a windmill. But wander further (or take yet another iron carriage) to follow the parade of baby chickens wearing crowns — they're in search of a little park, the center of which is home to swirling teapots and a merry-go-round, but it's necessary first to navigate through a maze. (Be sure to see all the rooms in the maze, where chicks walk on walls and peek out the windows.)

Even upon reaching the fabulous inner area where the chicks play (below), there's one more surprise that's sure to bring a smile. Cam down to spy a hidden area underneath the merry-go-round, where more exploration awaits. Shown in these images is the sim's default environmental settings. Contributions in support of The Outer Garden may be left at the landing point.


  1. Thank you for coming to the outer garden. I was impressed with a polite sentence in the beautiful photograph and details. I hope that you and your reader enjoys an outer garden.

    1. You're very welcome, and thank you for sharing your lovely sim with the Second Life community!