16 May 2016

In the spirit of...

Now open at the Broad Street Gallery at Crestwick Island, and guest curated by Senna Coronet, is In the spirit of..., a group show featuring artworks by Amona Savira, Bay Adens, Dr. Strangelove, Isa Messioptra, Jordan Giant, .kiki, Lyndzay Melli, Paola Mills, Senna Coronet and Tutsy Navarathna. "Whether consciously or not we are often guided by the work and style of others," says Senna. "We asked a few artists to think about those influencers and to develop work that would pay homage..." And that they have, with fabulous and fascinating results, ranging from Dr. Strangelove's homage to Mark Rothko (above, left), to Isa Messioptra's homage to Man Ray (below, right) and more. The exhibition will remain on display for about a month, at which time another in a series of guest curators will stage a new show. Contributions in support of the gallery are welcome.


  1. Thanks so much Ziki...was fun putting this together and we're looking forward to the next show which is already under development.

    1. Thanks for organizing the exhibition — one of the best I've seen recently!