23 May 2016

Gravity is a mistake: The Library

When Eupalinos Ugajin's Gravity is a mistake opened last month as a work in progress (read here) — although one well underway, with plenty to experience — the artist promised that the library, the terminus of the adventure, would eventually become endowed with books. The first several volumes have now begun to appear, created by Alpha Auer (Incunabula, image above), Giovanna Cerise (image below), Haveit Neox (lowest image) and Livio Korobase.

Click on the books by Alpha and Livio to be redirected to websites; the persistent explorer might discover the flying "E for Everything," an instant scene by Kikas and Marmaduke, featuring a passage from Jorge Luis Borges's The Library of Babel. Haveit's contribution, which is underwater, might not be a book after all: "Maybe some kind of archives for the library," Eupa pondered. Additional artists will be creating books for the library, so visit often to keep abreast of these incoming works.