15 May 2016

The Path

Now open at the Split Screen Installation Space, curated by Dividni Shostakovich, is The Path by Cherry Manga, the artist's first work to be displayed in Second Life in more than a year. The scene is a dark, celestial space in which pulsing wireframe forms suggest constellations in the night sky. Slowly drifting through everything are the words "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on," a quote attributed to Albert Einstein. Be sure to sit in various locations throughout the build, and to have local sounds turned up.

The installation is actually a small version of a much more substantial artwork that will be realized on FrancoGrid, opening on September 7 as part of Fest'Avi, an event that focuses on full permissions avatars. The display at Split Screen "doesn't render the bigger project," Cherry told me, "but I give a small idea, and the main idea is to offer full perms free avatars." Along with the free "Light of Light" avatar (to the right in the image below), visitors can acquire a free sculpture (to the left below), simply entitled The Path. (An early version of The Path gift contained an accidental extra (and obviously out of place) prim; the correct version is now available at the Split Screen landing point.) The installation will remain on display until the end of July.