23 December 2016

50 Words for Snow

Designer Silvermoon Fairey didn't stop after creating one stellar winter location — December Will Be Magic Again (read here from several days ago) — she also created 50 Words for Snow, located in the sky above her lovely sim A Painter's Link. In contrast to the essentially flat landscape of December Will Be Magic Again, 50 Words for Snow is a hillier location that offers several distinct but interrelated scenes.

Visitors arrive high up on a wooded hillside and make their way down along a steep path to one of three locations, all blanketed by a gently falling snow — a charming manor house with warm fires aglow (top image), a spot for relaxation where one can rez a sled (second image), or a cozier home set alongside the rocky shoreline of a frozen lake (third image). Both homes can be entered and are quaintly furnished.

Shown in these images is the picturesque sim's default windlight setting, which wraps the sights in a golden glow. Photographers who wish to rez props for images may do so by joining the land group, and are asked to please be mindful of cleaning up. Contributions to support the sim may be left at the entrance to A Painter's Link, here.

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