21 December 2016


Under a lavender sky blanketed with serenely drifting cream-colored clouds, the little inhabitants of WeeVille go about their day, often tending a fire near their hobbit-style homes (image below). Merhorses frolic in the waters (lowest image), unicorns saunter in the nearby grasses, and beams of sunlight shine through the thick woods in the center of the sim. And, on the southeastern corner of the sim, a delightfully quirky row of homes on stilts stands in the water along the shore (image above).

Visitors will discover gardens, fields of flowers, a caravan home and a quirky little house, and will enjoy the charming photogenic panoramas the sim affords. It's possible to enter the homes, including those in the top image, which can be reached via the ladder to the left — some fun scenes await inside. Created by Sera Bellic of Lick sim designs, WeeVille (her first fantasy sim composition) will remain on display into the new year before being replaced by a new design.

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