17 December 2016

Blue Orange ArtCorner

Now open is the Blue Orange ArtCorner, a new gallery space for two- and three-dimensional art curated by Ini (In Inaka), with an inaugural group of artists featuring Theda Tammas, Indigoclaire (third image), Miu Miu Miu (image below), Eupalinos Ugajin (lowest image), and Igor Ballyhoo (image above). The gallery is not only a space for the display of art, but also for social conversation, as evidenced by the lovely and well-decorated club environment at the landing point. "Blue Orange is project to pull together open minded, friendly people to share time, music, RL and SL art understanding — (rl=sl=rl basically)." explains Ini.

"At first it was an idea to mix urban style with something classy and create a bohemian underground music club where people could hear a lot of different music styles, starting from underground alternative, industrial, grunge, indie, noise, psychedelic, folk punk and ending with jazz, neo-folk, instrumental and classical music," she continues. "Sure, counting in a lot of music without labels, and maybe not very popular music as well. Later came an idea to invite creative people who would be happy to share love for art — this how they understand art, how they express themselves, and to show how Second Life as virtual place let to us share it. Photos, drawings, paintings, 3D installations and much more as SL is amazingly open and full of tools to do this."

In addition to works by the featured artists, art by Ini and by Gitu Aura lines one of the hallways. Many of the objects in the exhibition are available for purchase, and several of those by Eupalinos are interactive, so be sure to click on everything. The inaugural show will be up for "about 2 months or even 3," says Ini, "but with some changes." Contributions toward the Blue Orange ArtCorner are accepted at the landing point.

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