15 December 2016

Fris' Land

Many picturesque wintery sims are popping up left and right in Second Life, and one that's sure to warm the hearts of many explorers is Fris' Land, created by Charlie Namiboo and Frislanda Ferraris. In summer 2016, the popular sim they had created in partnership with Annabelle Barzane — Frisland (read here) — closed after a great two-year run in which one of the seasonal designs was a snow-covered landscape. Now, for a limited time, that landscape has had a revival of sorts, and previous visitors to Frisland are certain to travel down memory lane at Fris' Land.

"Yes, Frisland, the original one, has gone for good," says Charlie. "But Frislanda Ferraris, my building partner and best friend, has his own sim (the region name is Liebe, the German word for 'love'). Half of the sim Fris has rented to friends of his; the other half belongs to him. He asked me if I'd help him to rearrange the sim and decorate it for winter and so we did. And as we know that many people are missing the old Frisland sim, we decided to open his own region to public for at least two months. The name 'Fris' Land' is a wordplay reminiscing the old Frisland and Fris himself." There is, of course, similarity to the English word "freeze," which makes it all the more appropriate.

As Charlie notes, Fris' Land is only half the sim of Liebe, but the other parcels on the region are so closely matched in spirit that everything appears to be one big seamless whole. (Charlie and Fris send assurances that their neighbors across the small waterway are OK with visitors, as long as people respect the privacy of their homes.) Visitors will find spots to relax, cuddle, or even ice skate. The sim's tranquil lavender windlight setting is depicted in these images (watch Flickr for higher resolution versions).

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