18 December 2016

December Will Be Magic Again

Silvermoon Fairey's lovely sim, It's a New Dawn (read here), has long been favorite for photography and exploration. Now, high above the original landscape (still open to visitors), silvermoon has created December Will Be Magic Again, a gorgeous wintery land aglow in a shimmering golden light. Prominently positioned on the far horizon stands a stately manor house (image above), flanked on its sides by two smaller homes and a small frozen-over pond.

Horses scrounge for grass in the snow-covered fields in front of the manor house, while wildlife — reindeer, squirrel, raccoon, white tailed deer and birds — can be spotted here and there around the sim. The scene is wrapped by bare winter hardwoods and a few pines, and the view is exquisite from every direction. Contributions to December Will Be Magic Again and to It's a New Dawn may be made at the landing point, where a teleport to the beautiful scene on the ground level is also available.


  1. Thank you so much Ziki for showcasing 'December will be magic again' in your blog and the beautiful pictures! x