19 December 2016

Hell's Haven 2.0

When Snoob (snoobjohnson) opened the original (but unfortunately short-lived) Hell's Haven (read here) earlier in 2016, it quickly became one of the most photographed sims in Second Life. Now, with a few design contributions from his partner, Mila (Mila Maesar), Snoob has opened Hell's Haven 2.0. "I saw so many sims close that I wanted to do something for the community," said Snoob.

Slightly smaller than its predecessor, Hell's Haven 2.0 is set in a deep water-filled rocky gorge in which wooden walkways lead visitors through tangles of trees and branches. Several small buildings, not much larger than shacks, are kept dry on wooden elevations, and a zip line runs from one of them to the top of a nearby cliff. The low-lying areas are blanketed in a foggy grey mist, and in many spots the water has frozen solid. It's a beautiful, photogenic scene — a striking mix of rural and urban decay.

Unfortunately, Hell's Haven 2.0 may close within a few weeks, but there's good news to follow: "I'm doing it temporarily until January," explained Snoob, "and, after that, I open the big one again. I can't promise to have Hell's Haven open all through the new year — it's always a question of finances, and it's not easy to pay alone. But I will do my best to give it some months to support the Flickr community with an awesome place for pictures." So, if you appreciate Snoob's work, please consider making a contribution at the landing point.

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