04 December 2016

Fall Trace

Fall may be rapidly vanishing in the Northern Hemisphere, but it's alive and abundantly well at Fall Trace, a new twist on the tradition of changing seasons at The Trace (read here), originally developed by Kylie Jaxxon in 2013. Beginning in 2014, Kylie was joined by designer Elvira Kytori, and the two have collaborated over the past couple years, changing the seasons at The Trace every several months. Now, rather than delete the old season, the pair have opted to add two additional sims, so that the Summer Trace remains, and Fall Trace and Winter Trace are new additions, with each setting remaining on display for a year before revision.

Elvira was the lead landscaper and decorator on Fall Trace, with Kylie and Gnaaah Xeltentat credited as co-decorators. The sim is a stunningly beautiful setting in which fall colors — rich golden browns and reds — are brought to life under a dreamy sky. Visitors can make their way around the sim by a system of wooden walkways that cut through the tall grasses — foliage tall and thick enough that it's hard to see through it, until suddenly a majestic view opens up, perhaps with a brilliant view of the horizon. The walkways weave about and connect various small buildings and homes, many of which contain charming interiors and places to relax.

Be sure to have local sounds turned up, as the abundant wildlife on the sim — especially birds — creates a rich sonic environment, and be sure also to accept the sim's default windlight settings, as shown here. This is a sim that's sure to become a classic for photographers, explorers, couples looking for a spot to cuddle, and wanderers looking for some solitude. If you enjoy your visit to Fall Trace, please consider leaving a contribution.

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