13 December 2016

The Plain of Jars

On the hot, arid ground on the sim Tefa of Sand, a mysterious sight awaits: hundreds of massive stone urns and ewers spread over the ground, enhanced only by some struggling grasses and a couple of trees. This location, The Plain of Jars, a creation by Fitch Lekvoda, mirrors a real life site by the same name in central Laos on the Xiangkhouang Plateau, which may have been a prehistoric burial ground. Of the inworld location, Fitch says, "Some recall the legend of the giant king's victory banquet, believing the jars to be the leftover alcohol vessels from that banquet. Others think of a more mundane purpose, to collect rain water for passing caravans..." Whatever their purpose, the jars form a curiously beautiful and mesmerizing landscape.

The thorough explorer will discover that there's more to the build that what's immediately visible: a hidden world exists below the plain, one filed with additional sights and discoveries (middle image). A couple of teleport points are available to reach these tunnels that snake about underground. Contributions toward the support of The Plain of Jars may be left at the landing point.

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