11 December 2016

The Cruelty of Peace

Opening today, Sunday, December 11, at 1 pm slt, is The Cruelty of Peace, an installation by artist Lilia Artis on LEA6. What at first seems like a charming, snowy landscape, with semi-transparent trees and plants shimmering in celadon and lilac, becomes a horrific scene as we witness what's happened: amid the pastoral setting, houses have been destroyed and burned, and bodies of families lie scattered on the cold ground nearby.

"War just never seems to end. It turned into a background noise while we are having breakfast or dinner and live our everyday lives," says the artist. "The news shows there seems to be no limit to the cruelty of what human beings do to other human beings, to men, women, children. And then there is the ongoing destruction of our environment. Hearing about ever growing pollution, a question rises in my head: what is the reality of peace? Is it only possible when the human race becomes extinct?" The Cruelty of Peace will remain on display through the month of December.

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