31 December 2016

A Painter's Link

Silvermoon Fairey has an uncanny knack for creating magical scenes with deliberately limited color palettes, as witness her current installations 50 Words for Snow (read here), December Will be Magic Again (read here) and It's a New Dawn (read here from 2015). Her wondrous A Painter's Link dazzles with shades of gold, copper, greens, reds, oranges and browns, as if she had taken a bucket of paint and splashed it onto the scene to create an enthralling landscape.

What could pass for a quaint English countryside — more likely one from the 19th century than from the current day — invites us to explore on winding paths that take us through various pastoral settings: cottages, fields, ruins, waterfalls, wild and domesticated animals, a stone lighthouse on the edge of the sea, and the inhabitants of the little village as they carry on with their daisy tasks. (Above, a horse-drawn cart fords a stream.)

Exploration on foot is mandatory: beautiful and exquisite rustic scenes unfold as one tops a hillside, rounds a corner, or emerges through thick foliage. The thatched-roof cottages can all be entered and are furnished, and single explorers and couples will find plenty of spots to relax and take in the views.

These images show the sim's default windlight setting, but others may produce equally fine results. Time to enjoy A Painter's Link might be short — Silvermoon informs me that she just paid for an extra week of tier to cover the cost of the sim until January 6. After that time it might disappear, so plan your visit soon! Contributions are accepted at the landing point.

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