16 December 2016

DRD's Arctic Express & Milk Motion's The Roofs of Paris

A couple of delightful sights are now available for visits courtesy of DRD (Death Row Designs) and Milk Motion. Both are available as a set of gacha items at the December Arcade, and therefore might seem unusual for this blog to cover, but each has been rezzed as a lovely destination point in its own right. In the case of the DRD Arctic Express (inspired by Chris Van Allsburg's classic story The Polar Express, and built by Eowyn Swords, Harter Fall and Jaimy Hancroft, with contributions from Morbid Deceit), an old-fashioned locomotive is barreling through a snow-covered landscape, rounding a turn, and seeming perhaps frozen in time (image above). There are some delightful poses — be sure to investigate the smokestack as well as the interior. By contrast, Milk Motion's The Roofs of Paris (detail below), created by Marie Lauridsen, is rezzed in a large sphere over the ground, and is a charming and amusing slice of the City of Light, with splendid detail throughout.

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  1. The 'roofs of Paris' is just an amazing photographic set: I've had a lot of comments on how good a backdrop it makes when I've used it. And the DRD stuff is stunning as well- I can completely see why you decided to share these!