24 June 2013

Akasha and Paradise Lost Remade

A couple days ago, Kean Kelly quietly slipped me a pair of landmarks to Akasha and Paradise Lost Remade, which turned out to a a conjoined pair of sims. Landscaped by Kean (Paradise Lost Remade), and Kean and Rob Danton (Akasha), they're a curious mix of rustic seashore, wetlands, urban decay, industrial, trailer park, show home, and you name it, all with a touch of humor here and there, and somehow it all works. (I'm not sure what the dramatic and gigantic statue of Lenin is doing in the southwest corner of Akasha, but I did find that you can stand on his head.) The sims can look significantly more cheerful than the rather sombre windlight setting I selected for these images.

Prairie Kawashima, who was loitering (as she put it) around Akasha during one of my visits, explained that Rob had used the sims for the set of his 2010 film My Avatar and Me (Min Avatar og Mig), but that eventually the set was largely torn down and replaced with the current design. In Paradise Lost Remade, you're permitted to rez objects for 15 minutes. (And I still haven't seen My Avatar and Me, but at least I remembered Bryn Oh's blog post about her participation!)

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