19 June 2013


A couple days ago, as I wandered around SL10B, I bumped into my friend Naxos, and he handed me a landmark to a place called Seaweed. Since he was wearing diving flippers and has an impish sense of humor, I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I arrived I found a delightful place, and also my friend Wind, who remarked that she had in fact given the landmark to Naxos in the first place! If I were a surfer, I'd hang out at Seaweed all the time, and Wind tells me the surfing is first rate. (I will admit to hopping a surfboard for a couple minutes, but you're not getting any photos out of me—time to go bikini shopping!)

Seaweed: Surfing Away from Everything was designed by Love Repine. I haven't had a chance to talk with him, but he remarks in his profile, "3 of my 5 years in SL have been dedicated to building Surf Beach sims. I have enjoyed creating and capturing a unique beach atmosphere using movement, sound and subtle visuals." Here he succeeds admirably. Rezzing of items isn't permitted, but you can grab a ride on a board or other things, so come have some fun. As they say, a bad day surfing beats a good day at work.

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