28 June 2013


Opening today, Friday, June 28, at 1:30 pm slt, is a new installation at Mysterious Wave entitled Childhood. Built by Cherry Manga, with terraforming by Anley Piers and sounds by Morlita Quan, Childhood invites us to see the world the eyes of children again with a sort of wistful innocence.

We encounter children of all sizes doing things that kids do: blowing bubbles, flying a kite, eating candy, playing patty-cake, splashing in a kiddie pool. And everywhere are things we remember from when we were little: alphabet blocks (be sure to click on those, as well as other things!), rainbows, a merry-go-round, pinwheels, hopscotch, a toy airplane circling overhead, stars, paper boats—and even those things that cast a damper on everything—clouds and rain, with attendant umbrellas.

Childhood has been beautifully created, from its layout to its textures. If you're not using a viewer that accepts region environment settings you might miss some of the ambience, as the sim uses its own non-standard water and sky settings, so try to switch to something similar to what you see here. Cherry Manga's shop is overhead, with a teleport link at the landing point, and you can find lots of her work for sale there. If you enjoy Mysterious Wave, please consider leaving a contribution to support the sim at the landing point.


  1. Thank you Ziki :)

  2. Thanks for the remarkable installation!

  3. I popped over here from Honour McMillan's blog post about this installation, and I must say that I cannot wait to log in-world and get over there; it sounds/looks utterly charming and profound. Yes, both - and I so appreciate the labor of love that it takes to create something so special.
    Thank you!
    (Mireille Jenvieve wafts back to childhood, giving her brother the "evil eye" and plans - with glee! - to best his score at Tetris!)

  4. Thanks, Mireille! You'll enjoy it—quite a charming flashback to years gone by.