29 June 2013

Inspiration Chain

Now under development at LEA1 is a new work entitled Inspiration Chain, with artist Takni. Normally I wouldn't write about something until it's finished, but in this case it would be inappropriate not to, as the premise for this installation is that a group of twelve artists, each working for one month in turn, will co-create the eventually finished sim. Takni is the first, and she can recommend the second artist, or LEA Oberon Onmura and Werner Kurosawa, both affiliated with LEA, can as well.

Takni (pictured above with me on the right) has just commenced her work, and already in the past couple days it has begun to evolve, with some significant changes only in the past few hours. Beams of light and orbs populate what you'll find (at least as I write), and they're interactive: Takni showed me that one sits on one of the large orbs (as we are above), and then clicks on it again to get it to move in space, and its particle links will move accordingly. (No, there's no way to steer them!) One can also sit on one of the smaller orbs for a different experience. Keep an eye on the space as Takni continues to work. If you're curious about her work, go take a peek at Takni's Gadget Shop on the sim Sababurg.

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