01 June 2013

World's End Garden

Arriving in World's End Garden is a little like walking into some enchanted, mysterious and beautiful land that really does feel like we might be at the end of the world—not in a foreboding sense, but just having reaching the end or edge of something. The sim, which is actually the fashion, home and garden shop of the same name by Lucia Genesis (愛島るちこ), has long been a destination point in Second Life for those in search of tranquility, solitude and breathtaking landscapes.

The underwater landing point, not shown here, places us gently into a richly textured land of flowers, trees and foliage so dense we can't see much more than a quietly spinning carousel and a wooden pathway that beckons us to the surface. From here one can explore, and many of the objects are for sale, so if you spot something you like just check to see. Search around for a door that will take you another level, higher up, a dark world with layers of ocean waves that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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