13 June 2013

Kingdom Of Jordan

At first glace, the Kingdom of Jordan might remind you of the sim Hazardous, with its horseshoe shaped terrain and high cliffs that encircle a deep gorge. And not undeservedly, as many of the landscape items are designed by Wendy Xeno and Mandingo Quan, the creators of Hazardous and proprietors of [we're CLOSED]. (Indeed, Wendy has provided some assistance at Kingdom of Jordan.) But here, hidden in recesses of the gorge, is a recreation of the ancient al-Deir, one of the great relics of the archaelogical city of Petra in Jordan (a place I've always wanted to visit in real life). It's perhaps a bit of a fanciful recreation, as the actual Petra is nowhere near a deep ravine filled with water, but that's besides the point (and probably the intention)—it's delightfully beautiful and captivating.

Surrounding the sim, far below the towering cliffs, are beaches, reachable by two great flights of stone steps on the north and south sides of the island. There, as on the top, are places to relax, explore, and photograph. The sim, which is "dedicated to Kingdom of Jordan and all Arabs in Second Life," is owned by Farah Loordes and is sure to become a frequent destination point. (P.S.: I first spotted Kingdom of Jordan on Charlie Namiboo's flickr stream.)


  1. great post and excellent pictures ... as always!

  2. Thanks Charlie, and thanks for your photos on flickr!