21 June 2013


Nalena Fairey's sim, Zigana, where her store of the same name is based, is a longstanding favorite of wanderers and landscape photographers. As she does from time to time, she recently began to rework the design of the place, and a few days ago announced to me that she was finally finished with a new iteration. Although major changes have been made—the place really bears no resemblance to what was here before—Nalena's hand and style are unmistakable.

One arrives at the store (not shown, but it has many lovely things for sale!), and then can walk or bicycle down an enclosed path (the experience of which I couldn't capture very well in a photo) to reach the rest of the sim. Trees and lush vegetation encircle a large pond (top photo), a beachy area lies near the center of the sim looking out toward the northwest (center photo), and tucked in the southwest corner is a little village of Zigana gypsy caravans (lower photo). You'll also discover the ruins of a home, a mangrove forest and other lovely places.

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