17 June 2013

MadPea Art Festival

If you're too full from eating birthday cake at SL10B, consider a diversion: through June 29 you can enjoy the first MadPea Art Festival, featuring 24 visual artists and a host of performers as well. The MadPea blog, where you can catch the entire performance schedule, mentions visual artists Solkide Auer, Giovanna Cerise, Safi Farspire, Fuschia Nightfire, ArtWolf Eternal, Rhea Choral, Ginger Lorakeet, Yaiza Galicia, DavidWeiner Resident, Anrod Meads, Graham Collinson, Harter Fall, Rebeca Bashly, Fae Varriale, Moeuhane Sandalwood, Daruma, Jessica Belmer, Kylie Sabra, AniWitt, Rag Randt, MadPeas, voidheart mistwalker, Morlita Quan, FirleFanz Roxley and Noke Yuitza. Quite a few items are for sale, and you'll find a diverse assortment of immersive, three-dimensional and two-dimensional works. The event is sponsored by MadPea Productions, Branwen Arts, Cha Klaar and Sally Lavender.

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