22 June 2013


Opening today, Saturday, June 22, at 12 noon and at 12 midnight slt (the first already being past as I write this, but people are still here) is a new artist cooperative sim, Coppelia. Presently the artist members include Artée (Artistide Despres), FreeWee Ling, Glyph Graves, Gracie Kendall, Jo Ellsmere, Oberon Onmura, Pyewacket Kazyanenko and Stelarc, but a few more might be added over time. (If you're interested in joining, contact Jo Ellsmere.)

Each artist has set up one or more large-scale pieces, several being new while some being reprises of earlier installations. Pictured here at top is an area for shadow exploration by Freewee Ling called the ShadowLab (lots of fun interactivity), a work by Oberon Onmura (center photo, which doesn't capture the motion in the piece) and ANIMAanimus by Jo Ellsmere (bottom photo), which uses six bots that move about. Some of the pieces that use bots may not be running at all times, and displays will be changing. I'll write more on some of the other installations here soon.


  1. When you have nothing to say don't write is also an option.

  2. Oh, but I had to derender you and your alts so I could take a photo of Jo's installation, so I had to write something. ;-)