15 June 2013


Happy 10th birthday, Second Life! Starting tomorrow at 12:00 noon slt, the SL10B sims will open to the public, with a long list of events and a great many things to see and do. Many people have already been blogging and talking about all the events, so I don't think I should do more than point you to the official SL10B Community Celebration website, where you're going to find tons of information. As you visit, you'll see dozens and dozens of displays created by residents.

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have some advance access have had a delightful time watching builds go up, and one of the most impressive is the one you see here, a giant turtle built by Flea Bussy and Toady Nakamura that comprises two entire sims to the northwest—SL10B Impressive and SL10B Spellbound. It's really a huge structure—those are trees you see on the turtle's head! Resting on the turtle's back is the "Astr'a stage," which will host many events.

My friend and blogger Gogo and I wandered yesterday through a couple of other spaces of note. The Corn Field, a legendary and infamous sim of yore (old blog post here), seen here at night, has been rezzed on the western edge of the sims. And you must really go visit Bear Island, across on the eastern edge of the sims. If you're new to Second Life or just don't know the fun fact, each Linden supposedly creates a special bear to give away to residents. Here you'll find bears of Lindens who are long gone, as well of those still with the Lab, and many of them are available for you to pick up. SL10B will be open for two weeks, until July 1st.

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