11 June 2013

UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge: REFLECTIONS

The University of Western Australia (UWA), the great champion of the arts in Second Life, offers you an opportunity to participate in its current challenge, UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge: REFLECTIONS. As it has many times in the past, UWA issued an open call to artists to develop 3D works of art (150 prims or fewer) for exhibition in its space. The deadline to enter has passed, 64 artists responded with works of art, and now a large international jury will select the winners, all of whom will receive generous prizes: L$100,000 for the highest award with more than L$600,000 to be distributed overall. If you have a good sense of aesthetics or love art, join in by picking your top 10—you'll be entered in the audience participation prizes and could win up to L$7,000 by matching the results of the jury. More information is available on the UWA blog. Kudos to Jayjay Zifanwe and FreeWee Ling for their extraordinary leadership of this and other UWA events.

The list of artists is impressive not only for its sheer number—and the depth and breadth of creativity—but also for its international scope. Some artists are well known and others less so. I'm one of the judges this round, so I'm not going to single anyone out (and don't take my photos here as anything more than a few shapshots of what you'll encounter—no favoritism implied), but I do encourage you to visit and see this extraordinary array of art. The deadline for audience participation ends July 10. Click here for a slurl. And here are the artists and their works:

The Thinker by Ama Avro (Strasbourg, France)
Once Upon a Time by Anley Piers (Parts Unknown, France)
Transcendental Squares by Artée, Artistide Despres (The Hague, Netherlands)
Quantum by Barry Richez (Toulouse, France)
Scene Reflexion by Bethlise Lorgsval (Sainte Tulle, France)
Reflexion on a Human Mind by Betty Tureaud (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Who Are You? by Blue Tsuki (Seattle, USA)
Looking Back by Carmsie Melodie & Struthious (Australia & USA)
Cogito ergo sum by Cherry Manga (Parts Unknown, France)
I Have Walked This Way Before by Chic Aeon (Corvallis, Oregon, USA)
The Scent of Her by Chuckmatrix Clip (Elizabeth, NJ, USA)
Reflection of Reflection by Claude Belgar (Margny-lès-Compiègne, France)
Wind Floaters by Comet Morigi (Tokyo, Japan)
Narcissus by Corcosman Voom (California, USA)
Reflections of a Star by Dusty Canning (Perth, Australia)
Choice by Dyzo (St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada)
Fishing for the Green Rose by Eifachfilm Vacirca (Zürich, Switzerland)
Reflection of Imagination by Elizabeth Spieler (Seattle, USA)
Sideral Time by Emilio Charisma (Salamanaca, Spain)
The Journey - Reflections of a SL Artist by Fae Varriale (West Wales, UK)
Family Tree by Faery Sola (Caboolture, Australia)
Darkly by Friday Siamendes (Denver, USA)
Planet of Knowledge by Gem Preiz (Paris, France)
The Room for Reflections by Ginger Alsop (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
I Thought I Hated Him by Glyph Graves (Sydney, Australia)
Dream Reflection by GnomeZen (Monterey, California, USA)
Genetic Mirrors by Jedda Zenovka (North NSW, Australia)
Timely Reflections by Jess Oranos (Cincinnati, OH, USA)
Mirror With 4 Virgins on the Shores of their Depravity by Jipe Loon (Haute Savoie, France)
Reflections on the Past by Judyblue Stand (El Paso, Texas, USA)
Bad Toy by Kaizersem Tenk (Paris, France)
Through Generations by Kamerina Kamala and Lemon Acidjuice (both of Paris, France)
Silent Reflections by Krystali Rabeni (Blackpool, Lancashire England, UK)
Ephemeral Reflection by Lalexl Devin (Perpignan, France)
REFLECTIONS - Through the eyes of UWA by London Junkers (London, England)
Reflections of a Diva by Luna Enigma (Illinois, USA)
The Race (Picasso in 3d) by Maddomxc Umino (Modena, Italy)
Science & Evolution by Martazul Zemlja (Madrid, Spain)
Rotation Model by Mcarp Mavendorf (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Distant Past Inspired Future by Mishawu Zuiden (Daleville, Alabama, USA)
Reflecting Pool by Misprint Thursday (New Hampshire, USA)
Thinking of Flower, Perhaps Autobiographic by Mitsuko Kytori (Tokyo - Aix en Provence,  Japan - France)
Sunreflections by Nexuno Thespian (Cagliari, Italy)
Riflessioni delle Onde (Reflections of Waves) by Nino Vichan (New York City, USA)
Don't Lose Your Marbles (Especially the Big One) by PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic (Seattle, USA)
Fruit of Time by Rebeca Bashly (Belgrade, Serbia)
Hidden by Rose Borchovski (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Horizon by Rosie Dimanovic (Grenoble, France)
Inside the Black by Secret Rage (Texas, USA)
From There To Here by SerenVide (Shoreham by Sea, England)
Lines of Investigation/Reflection Upon by Serra Qendra (Melbourne, Australia)
Neuron Sphere by Shenn Coleman (Avignon, France)
Path to Self Knowledge by Silene Christen (Mahon, Mennorca, Balears Islands, Spain)
Reflexion by snoop acoustic (Parts Unknown, France)
Strange Oaks from Simple Acorns Grow by soror Nishi (Kent, England, UK)
Reflections of Life by Sunday Serenity (Melbourne, Australia)
Avatars-Reflection by Surfaqua Oh (Luzern, Switzerland)
Windows into Other Rooms by Takni Miklos (Figueres, Spain)
Emerging from the Chrysalis by Talia Sunsong (Berkeley, California, USA)
Inspirations by Tamashiirent Starsider (Rome, Italy)
Reflection AndroHumanoid by Thierry Lowtide (Popes, Avignon Vaucluse, France)
Better Days Ahead by Thor Effingham (Ohio, USA)
A Reflection on Reflecting Reflections by Thoth Jantzen (Boston, USA)
Reflexions of Reflections Carousel by Yepar Saez (Martinique Island, Carribean, France)


  1. There are some great art pieces. Thanks SO much for sharing the place!

  2. You're welcome—and I hope you had an opportunity to participate in the audience voting!

    1. I did! But it was *very* difficult to make a list of 1 - 10, it would've been easier for me to just list ten that I liked. lol Thanks again!

    2. Feel free to let us know which were your favorites—which reminds me that I really need to get busy looking at the entries!