02 June 2013


"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one," remarked Albert Einstein. Creators Pale Illusion and Joanna Corith credit this curious statement as they describe their new sim, Flocke, which has just opened. It's a strikingly beautiful space, a watery world where a few trees aren't anchored to the ground and two houses sail through the air overhead—or are they frozen there?—one torn into pieces. Joanna is well known through her Annwn Willows sim, and Pale has won awards through the University of Western Australia (UWA) competitions. They say, in their introductory notes, "We'd like to invite you to a little visual journey of a discussion we have about 'reality' and 'illusion' and hope you'll have fun to explore our thoughts, questions and perhaps conclusions we will make. Be aware to find things changing by time, that might be strange and odd to you, but that's part of the whole thing as it is again about 'reality' and 'illusions'."

On the southeast corner of the sim is a small theatre, where you can gather with friends to watch a few films. (You'll find directions for the screen right there, and you can change the screen's brightness using the rope hanging to its left.) And photographers, who will surely flock to the sim in great numbers, can contact either Joanna or Pale if they would like to be able to rez items. I've only taken the time to look around using the region's default windlight setting, Bristol, but I'm sure it's going to afford many opportunities for gorgeous panoramas and portraits. I'll be posting some images on my flickr stream.

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