16 November 2013

Avalon Town Closing

Today came the news that the multi-sim Avalon Town will close at the end of the year. For seven years a home to innumerable art galleries and exhibition spaces, as well as home to dozens of artists, Avalon has been a bastion of the arts in Second Life. The announcement of the estate's closing states, "We are saddened to pass on the news that at the end of the year, Avalon Town will be closing. As many of you know, our estate owner, Colleen Kesey, is a wonderful and generous woman, and has given us many years of fun, creativity and mischief in Avalon Town. The decision to let it go was a difficult one, but as the path of her life has changed, the time has finally come." Comprising several sims, the key arts districts in Avalon Town are Tabula rasa and Ars Lunga, with additional arts spaces in Vade Mecum and other nearby regions.

The announcement continues, "We will not 'go gentle into that good night', however. The estate will remain open until the end of the year. We will have a few more events if possible. Stay tuned for plans for a grand finale party on December 28th. If you are interested in buying a sim, Colleen is selling them for 1L. Please contact Ethan Westland or Tricia Aferdita if you are interested...We would like to collect your favorite stories, memories and photos of Avalon from over the years. Please send Ethan or Tricia any full perm photos, note cards with stories, etc. We will be compiling them in some format or another for everyone to share."

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