04 November 2013

Seni Seviyorum

Resplendent with rich fall colors against a glowing blue sky, the sim Seni Seviyorum consists of two sides, one owned and designed by RY (Ryu Asalia), with contributions from さぁこ (Kyo Asalia); and one owned and designed by ろん子 (Lonco), with contributions from 沙桃 (xPumyx) and さの (Sanako Luv). ろん子's island, to the southwest, is marked by silver birch trees (from Studio Skye) covered in yellow and orange leaves that lazily float to the ground. A caravan from Zigana provides the base for a cozy encampment. On RY's island to the northwest, the colors are deeper, with trees and vegetation from HPMD and alirium, and a windmill stands tall over an intricately decorated home.

Those two islands on the west half of the sim are linked by a wooden walkway standing just over the surface of the bright blue sea. The eastern half of the sim features an entirely different climate—a tropical setting on a single island (divided neatly in half, north to south) in the shape of a crescent moon. Somehow it manages to meld well with the two deciduous islands to the west. From overhead, you'll notice that the seabed has been crafted into the shape of a heart. The entire sim is a beautiful area for photography, wandering and relaxation.


  1. I gues I have to visit this beautiful sim. Thanks for showing!
    btw.... did you know that Seni Seviyorum is turkish and means I love you?

  2. No, I had no idea! That's cool. I don't know whether the current owners gave it that name or not (because maybe they're not the estate owners), but that fits perfectly.