27 November 2013

Bryn Oh's Curiosities and Oddities

If you're missing artist Bryn Oh's creativity while she's building something new at Immersiva, then head over to the sim RiTai East, where, thanks to the generosity of Richard (dexterity00) and Tai -HH- (Taishatai), she has established a new gallery, Bryn Oh's Curiosities and Oddities. Here you will discover, in a setting designed by Bryn, an assortment of sculptures, curiosities and oddities. Everything in the gallery is for sale, so it's a chance to own a copy of Imogen and her sewing machine, Virginia reclining in her chair, or other objects from previous large-scale installations. (Even if you're not inclined to purchase anything, the gallery is lovely way to revisit some of these artworks.)

One of the gallery rooms features objects that are quite small, along with cabinets and shelves on which you can display them. Not everything is inside—be sure to look overhead, where a pouncing fox from Anna's Many Murders looks down on arriving visitors. In the sim to the west, RiTai, you'll spot the giant whale from Imogen and the pigeons. A donation box stands at the gallery entrance, and contributions go toward the support of Immersiva and Bryn's work there.

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