25 November 2013

random - the last secret

I'm not sure what orlando di strada (a.k.a. gnupf Gufler) is doing in his installation random — the last secret at LEA22. But often I find art that I don't understand more interesting than art that I do understand, and so I found myself exploring the installation with curiosity. The artist states that random is a work in progress, and implies that it won't ever be "finished" per se. He says, "I try to create conditions which makes a world arise 'by itself', like our universe once emerged. It will not be interactive but it permanently changes. I use scripts in single events and single sounds, comes together to a 'organized chaos'...

"As it will be a self-organizing structure, i can't explain exactly what it will be look like. I let myself be surprised. It will be made of moving, sounding, color-changing, glowing (or not-glowing), interacting simple prims and particles. I try to use only SL-internally objects, no skulpties, no mesh will be imported from the real world. Even for myself it is a exciting experiment, which result i can't predict yet."

The landing point greets us with a space that seems momentarily confuse one's spatial perception, and we emerge to find a small area devoted to an installation within the installation, my head is a sleeping zyngo (mein kopf ist ein schlafender zyngo) (top image), where interacting with the dice, all of which generate sounds, grabs our camera focus. The other piece that seems to have its own identity is a large wall consisting of 738 monocromatic cubes (in eight shades ranging from white to grays to black), with three buttons to press ("find the hidden picture!" they invite) that trigger a shift or movement in the textures (middle image). I met fellow explorers Makkie Riegler and Kinn (Kinnaird) there, and together we puzzled over this for quite a while and were never able to figure it out, so let me know if you do!

The remainder of the installation is filled with a series of platforms on the water, connected by foot bridges (lower image). Some platforms are empty and some are filled with interactive elements. I assume from orlando's notes that if I return tomorrow I might see something completely different, so this may be a sim that will take repeat visits to fully appreciate.


  1. Fabulous to meet you! -Kinn

  2. Great to meet you as well, Kinn! If I get any clues on that thing I'll let you know! :)