21 November 2013

Lemondrop's Forest Returns

As I was working on my exhibition Lost Second Life, I attempted to visit all the locations featured in the show, wanting to be certain that I wasn't including a place that actually did exist. And that's how I discovered, to my surprise and delight, that Lemondrop's Forest has returned to the grid (and only a few days before the exhibition opened). I last wrote about this great place, co-created by Lemondrop Serendipity and Photon Pink, back in July 2011, and fortunately very little has changed—Lemondrop tells me that a few odds and ends here and there need to be re-created or adjusted.

It's really a delightfully whacky place, and there's little I would add to my previous post (even though it's not quite up to date), so head over there if you're inclined to learn more. Now, next door, is a new sim, Candypunk Sandbox, "the official sandbox for whimsical and candypunk builders," which Lemondrop tells me is open to everyone. It is indeed filled with whimsical items, and Photon Pink is at work on something big on the southwest corner.

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