18 November 2013

claudia222 Jewell at JASS

A few months ago, I wrote about an installation of claudia222 Jewell's artworks at the sim weird in a space owned by Gaia Clary. Another build by claudia222 exists elsewhere overhead Gaia's shop, JASS, where creators can purchase Primstar-2, Avastar-1 and the older Jass-2, all of which are add-ons for Blender. There isn't a direct teleport link to claudia222's work up in the sky, so to reach it teleport directly to JASS and then fly up about 400 meters until you reach the artwork. (Of course, you might want to linger and explore the shop, too.)

It's a huge build that extends nearly 200 meters up, with claudia222's trademark of spaces within spaces within spaces (or maybe I should say worlds within worlds within worlds), all of which we can see from the outside looking in, while we can't see from the inside looking out. As always, the subject matter is fantastic, outlandishly and dazzlingly grotesque and beautiful at the same time. The items here date from 2011 and earlier, and they're sculpted, not mesh, which makes the achievement seem all the more remarkable. Thanks to Gaia for keeping these places rezzed and for opening them to visitors. You might also enjoy some machinima she created at this location.


  1. As with Mesh Mellows, there used to be a little sign board at JASS which TP'd you up to Claudia's platform. Has that now gone?

  2. I didn't see one, and Gaia told me there isn't one to be found, so I think the solution is to simply fly up. There's a fixed landing point at the JASS store.