17 November 2013

Sun to Moon

Now open at Eduland, curated by Myhns Mayo, is an installation by nexuno Thespian entitled Sun to Moon: Transmigration Between Day and Night. Visitors move from the entrance area—which provides some background information on the artist and installation—into the burning hot world of the sun, resplendent with reds, oranges and yellows, and then into the cold and icy world of the moon, bathed in luminescent blues and reds. Occasionally one encounters interactive elements.

Nexuno states that he was inspired by the song "Sun and Moon" from the musical Miss Saigon, and adds, "I found many popular versions of the story of love between the moon and the sun," for example, "a myth in Africa in which the sun is jealous and banishes the moon because he believes that he has been betrayed...I enjoyed creating a landscape of sunset and a crescent moon, the symbol of the differences that complement each other." At the landing point, be sure to pick up the folder of gifts, which includes some wearables.

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