05 November 2013

(LCD) Special Zone CD - Little Planet

I knew when I spotted (LCD) Special Zone CD - Little Planet on the SL map, with its curious overhead design and bold colors, that it would be something unusual. I admit to being a bit stumped when I arrived—the sim's information described it as a "Sonic Sim," which I took to mean, you know, sound, and I couldn't find much in the way of sonic activity. But finally it got through my thick head: sonic as in Sonic the Hedgehog, related to the Sega game series and its many spin-offs, which immediately explained the look of the sim.

Special Zone is obviously designed for fun and games—in fact, to literally put you right inside the game. I know next to nothing about Sonic culture, but judging from the number of avatars in the sim it has a healthy following here. If you're curious, there's a little mall that sells avatars, and sim owner and designer Lugana Rysniq (BlackLaguna Mighty) is a maker of Sonic-related avatars through his store, Lobster-Cat Designs. I found it a fun place to roam around and explore—no visitor tags are required.

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