30 November 2013

Life is a tumbler

Opening tomorrow, Sunday, December 1 at 2 pm slt is a new installation by Betty Tureaud entitled Life is a tumbler, and the opening event will include a concert by Ultraviolet Alter. Betty's usual palette of bright, "pretty" colors is unmistakable—not quite my thing, but she has a great following who embrace her work. She tells me, "The installation is about people being pushed around in our world, so if you walk inside it will push you all the way down." And this it will: if you stand around, a huge invisible arm will sweep you counterclockwise around the circular area, and then you'll eventually fall through a hidden area in the floor to another level below, and so on until you reach the bottom of the cylindrical structure, where you have the option of teleporting back up to the top.

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