03 November 2013

...give the numbers!

Several weeks ago, Giovanna Cerise opened her exhibition Arithmos at LEA17 (about which I wrote here), and she hinted that more was to come. Today, Sunday, November 3, at 1:30 pm, the second part of the sim's installation will open, featuring the work of several additional artists who were invited by Giovanna to explore the same theme. Entitled ...give the numbers!, it includes artworks by Alpha Auer (top image), Ataro Asbrink, Betty Tureaud, Daco Monday, La Baroque, Noke Yuitza, Paola Mills, Pol Jarvinen (central image) and Taralyn Gravois (lower image).

While Giovanna's work on the lower level of sim explores the full gamut of all the digits and mathematics in general, the artists here were asked to select a single number to investigate, and several of them chose the same ones. Personally I found Alpha Auer's and Ataro Asbrink's works most to my liking (and, frankly, some not at all). Here is a list of the artists (direct teleport links on their names) and the number each selected:

Alpha Auer - 5 (and the work is entitled 5555555 55555 555) - She writes, "In 5555555 55555 555 the number 5 has replaced all the glyphs of the Lorem Ipsum text. What you see looks like a text, complete with headlines, sub-heads and a body text. What you read however are only combinations of the glyph 5 made to look like words and sentences. Through the glyph 5 I invite you to construct your own meaning, to look at text as a playful device instead of the conveyor of 'serious information' that we normally consider it to be."

Ataro Asbrink - 7 - "It's all fantasy," he tells me. "I made something fairytale-like." With a focus on the stars and things celestial, Ataro's work features coded movies and other interactive elements—be sure to click on everything.

Betty Turead - 7 - The 7 planets features, as its name suggests, the seven planets known to the ancient Sumerian-Babylonian culture—the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Sit on each, and have your sound turned up.

Daco Monday - 0 - "A gurgle, a sip of zero ...
"a nothing!
"Above, below zero ...
"hot, cold
"positive, negative ...
"stable zero!
"White, democratic, mediation, meditation ....
"generates all colors, encloses them!
"A circle, a center, a point, a vacuum ...
"year zero, a beginning, an end
"a nothing, a more ...
"past or future?
"A multiply ...
"a zero is zero!"

La Baroque - 4 - A grouping of 2D and 3D artworks explore the number 4 in various ways, and an accompanying notecard provides an extensive map and explanation of each item or groupings of items.

Noke Yuitza - 3 - "The number 3 is in nature, in our culture and in ourselves. Is the Trinity exposed in its multiple meanings present in religion, science and philosophy, in the division of time into Past, Present and Future, in the Three Powers, in You, Me and That which unites us or disjoint us and in the Id, Ego and Superego of Freud."

Paola Mills - 5 - "A number that hovers in the air, a number that sinks into the skin of the body, a number that explodes in the head to free your nightmares. So many numbers to express the emotions and inner fears. A due tribute to the cries of despair for all the outcasts of the world. I’m not builder, I’m not photographer, but I still believe there is compassion in the human race."

Pol Jarvinen - 8 - I went back and forth over whether this investigated 0s or 8s, but I think it's the latter.

Taralyn Gravois - 4 - "When I took this number, I had no idea how much it really is represented in all things—science, religion, sports, entertainment...I couldn't pick one theme...so I share many."

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