22 November 2013

Dawn of Radiance

Dawn of Radiance, designed and owned by silvermoon Fairey, has been gaining the attention of photographers and bloggers (see also posts by Caitlin Tobias and Strawberry Singh), and with good reason. At present it's a beautiful snow-covered landscape. Its wooded hills are just high enough to obscure whatever lies beyond them, but, as we wander, the hills open up into valleys that possess quaint settings. Houses and other small structures dot the scenes, everything white with frost.

In the southeast corner of sim, you'll find an frozen pond, at which you can grab a pair of mesh skates. Wrapping around Dawn of Radiance are coastal scenes: a very cold looking windswept beach, a lighthouse, a fishing boat that seems to have brought in a small catch, and horses grazing on sea grasses. If you enjoy the sim, please consider leaving a contribution—there's a tip jar right at the landing point.