28 December 2013

Annwn Willows

On December 25, Joanna Corith re-opened her sim, Annwn Willows, with a new design. Those who remember and loved the old landscape (or waterscape, more appropriately) won't be disappointed—the calm stillness of the ocean, out of which trees, rocks and other features emerge in five clusters, still dominates the build. From the landing point, at sea level in the center of the sim, these groupings splay out in a quincunx, and you can reach them by flying, taking a raft (if one happens to be near the landing point), riding a bird (click on the star to have one appear) or by swimming (as there is much underwater to see as well!). It's an exceptionally photogenic region, and rezzing is allowed for 30 minutes.

In addition to the sea level and underwater areas, a third place of exploration is high overhead, called Moon & Stars. There are teleports quietly placed here and there that will get you up, or you can fly, although Joanna requests no flying above 1200 meters. (We all need our privacy.) At Moon & Stars (detail photo below), some stars offer you rides, while some are just there for playing. Also on the sim is Joanna's store, [[loftbólur]], and at the store level there's also a cinema showing a number of films. Please consider leaving a contribution if you enjoy Annwn Willows.

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