02 December 2013

Red Shoes

Opening today, Monday, December 2, at 2 pm slt, is a full-sim installation at MIC - Imagin@rium entitled Red Shoes. Curated by Mexi Lane, this collaborative initiative includes artworks by Alpha Auer, Blue Tsuki (detail, fourth image), Cica Ghost (second image), Daniele DACO Constantin (Daco Monday), Giorgio Mayo (Giorgio Nexen), Giovanna Cerise, Kicca Igaly, La Baroque, Lookatmy Back, MADD (Maddomxc Umino), Merlino Mayo, Mexi Lane, Mhyns Mayo, Mikati Slade, Mila Tatham, nessuno Myoo, nexuno Thespian, Nino Vichan, Paola Mills, Rubin Mayo, Rumegusc Altamura, Sniper Siemens, Solkide Auer, Swina Allen, Violetta Inglewood (third image) and Viviana Houston.

In 2009, Mexican artist Elina Chauvet, who lost a sister to domestic violence and who had become shocked by the number of missing girls and women on the streets of Ciudad Juárez, devised a large-scale work of social art, Zapatos Rojos (or Red Shoes). In a public setting, 33 pair of shoes were set out, each representing a disappearance—all red, the color of blood. Since then, Chauvet has repeated this gesture elsewhere, especially in 2012 in Italy, where stagings took place in Milan, Turin, Bergamo and other cities. Each of the artists in the MIC - Imagin@rium installation were invited to create something inspired by Chauvet's work. (I understand they had only ten days, so the results are particularly impressive.)

The installation walkways, platforms and other structures were created by Colpo Wexler; the red mesh shoes were created by Rumegusc Altamura. There's an added real life component, as on December 10, in Rome, the Il Margutta Art Gallery will host a screening of machinima from the installation during the opening of its exhibition Women in Rock & Red Shoes. I'm not sure the region's default dreamy windlight setting is the best for viewing the exhibition, although it does render beauty to the sim's main architectural build, so you may want to switch to something a little brighter for the best experience.

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