08 December 2013

Hesperia of Templemore

I occasionally poke around in the Second Life Destination Guide, and today I chanced upon the city of Hesperia of Templemore, designed and owned by Luis Lockjaw. Intended primarily as a venue for live music, the sim features a number of stages and performance locations, but it's far more than that, with some picturesque areas that are worth exploring. I did find that being forced to roam by foot (no flying allowed, and I tend to fly more than I walk) was a bit cumbersome, but double-clicking to teleport provided a good workaround.

The venues were quiet during my visits—you can track performances on the sim's Facebook page—but the sim was inviting, in particular the urban setting on the eastern half, shown here in three photos. Probably the most visually memorable feature of the sim is the group of eight large MadPea balloons floating overhead (barely visible in the lower photo), flanking one of the main stages. If the sim suffers from anything, it's probably the tendency (which I seem to see frequently these days) of trying to throw everything into a build, at the risk of creating a bit of a jumble in places—I'm not convinced here by the juxtaposition of Cory Edo's Trompe Loeil Autumn Cottage with Marcus Inkpen's TLG Dark Tower, but it's still worth a visit.

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