19 December 2013

Special Arts Event at Lost Town - La Città Perduta

Opening tomorrow, Friday, December 20 at Lost Town - La Città Perduta, curated by AKILAE Gant and Sivi Kelberry, is a "Special Arts Event" to commemorate four years of Lost Town and its artistic activity. Over the years, the sim has hosted some remarkable art installations, and is currently home Rebeca Bashly's Invisible People (top image), about which I blogged here. AKILAE and Sivi have invited several other artists, all of whom have created significant artworks at Lost Town—namely Nexuno Thespian, Yooma Mayo, Haveit Neox, Lilia Artis and Moe Sandalwood—to include some of their work concurrently with Invisible People.

Pictured here in order are Idus December—The Night of the Winter Creatures, a collaborative work by Haveit Neox, Lilia Artis and Moe Sandalwood; Angel Free by Nexuno Thespian; and Cocoa/Warmth of Dream by Yooma Mayo. (Yooma and I are there in the bottom photo—I'm on the far left using Yooma's very creepy wangnin "KurmaiChu" avatar, available at Kowloon.) The sim itself is wrapped in a wintery landscape created by Yony Bing.

The opening event, scheduled for 2 pm slt, will feature Psyche Lunasea and Dance Unit MaHal with newly developed choreography. The landmark being provided is this one, although that might not be the best spot for entering the sim in general if you're visiting to see the installations, in which case try here. Please consider contributing toward the support of the sim and its forthcoming exhibitions—there's a tip box near the second landing point.

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