24 December 2013


Back in August, my friend Good Cross invited me to see a sim he had created and has continued to refine, Megiddo. For one reason after another, I never seemed to find the moment to write about it, and when I visited just now I learned, having planning to post something this week, that the sim will close on December 27! So, if you haven't visited Megiddo, you have only a few days—but Good Cross says he plans to build something new in the future.

The name Megiddo is drawn from Biblical references to Armegeddon, which may mean the "Mountain of Megiddo"—although the mountain to which the Bible refers was more of a hill, or tell, created over time as humans built again and again on the same location. Here on the sim of Megiddo, small but steep hills, all topped with miniature scenes, punctuate the landscape, and the sim overall is split in two: the eastern half is the bright side, and the western half is the dark side (which I find more compelling). Even though the sim will be closing, I'm sure contributions toward future works would be most welcome.


  1. I was just there and Good took the build down this morning. But he will put up a new one too! Thanks for sharing these phtotos!

  2. Thanks, Eddi—I hope we see something new from him again soon.