15 December 2013

Rosemist Isle

The foliage at Rosemist Isle is sometimes so dense that it's easy to lose one's way—but that's not a bad thing, as the trees and leaves themselves are resplendent, in shades of green, lilac, violet, orange and everything else under the sun—and one always emerges someplace interesting. Beams of light shine through to the forest floor, and intimate bridges traverse the quiet waterways that flow throughout the region. It's a remarkably photogenic location, designed by Nila Byron almost a year ago now, and owned by KJ Kiranov, who says "the sim is dedicated to the Wonderment of Life, and the pursuit of Peace and Tranquility."

There are several structures on the land, including a home (which appeared to possibly to be private, so I didn't pry), an elegant concert venue, a manor house with a galleon harbored in the nearby waters, a stone and iron gazebo and others. On the far northwest corner there's Club Magneto, where KJ is a frequent DJ—although the club doesn't share any landscaping similarity to the rest of Rosemist Isle. You'll also find as you wander about many cozy, contemplative or magical looking places—and head for a swim underwater, too, where more awaits.

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